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About Patout & Shaw in Houston, Texas

At Patout & Shaw, we believe in a client-centered approach, where your goals become our mission. Our team, led by the esteemed John J. Patout Jr. and Travis L. Shaw, is not just skilled in the law but also deeply understands the industries we serve. This unique blend of legal and sector-specific experience allows us to provide unparalleled service.

Our practice areas are diverse, ranging from construction law to business, real estate, and estate planning. We pride ourselves on our ability to navigate complex legal landscapes, ensuring that our clients are not just represented but truly understood and supported.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the primary focus of Patout & Shaw’s legal practice?
A: Patout & Shaw handles a wide range of cases, including those involving construction, first-party insurance claims, business, real estate, energy sector, commercial, and estate law.

Q: Can you describe the legal services offered by Patout & Shaw in the field of construction law?
A: They provide comprehensive legal services in construction law, including construction litigation, arbitration, defect claims, construction liens, and contracts.

Q: What services do Patout & Shaw offer in first-party insurance claims?
A: The firm is skilled in handling claims made by policyholders against their insurance companies, emphasizing the protection of the policyholder’s interests.

Q: What other areas of law does Patout & Shaw practice?
A: In addition to construction and insurance law, they practice business, commercial, corporate, real estate, oil & gas, and estate law.

Q: How does Patout & Shaw support businesses in legal matters?
A: The firm provides legal services in business formation, employment law, mergers & acquisitions, and helps navigate complex legal issues that businesses face.

Q: What makes Patout & Shaw unique in handling construction-related legal issues?
A: They have an in-depth knowledge of construction law and offer tailored services from project inception to completion, including contract drafting and dispute resolution.

Q: What types of clients does Patout & Shaw represent?
A: Their clients range from property owners, contractors, and developers to architects, engineers, and other design professionals.

Q: Can Patout & Shaw assist with professional licensure defense?
A: Yes, they defend design professionals in cases related to licensure, including against frivolous lawsuits, regulatory investigations, and contractual disputes.

Q: How does Patout & Shaw approach dispute resolution?
A: The firm utilizes negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and when necessary, litigation, to resolve disputes effectively.

Q: What is the approach of Patout & Shaw towards construction defect claims?
A: They offer both prosecution and defense services in construction defect claims, handling cases related to design, material, and workmanship defects.

Q: Who are the leading attorneys at Patout & Shaw?
A: The firm is led by John J. Patout Jr. and Travis L. Shaw, both of whom bring extensive experience in their respective legal fields.

Q: What background does Travis L. Shaw bring to the firm?
A: Travis L. Shaw has a strong background in commercial law, especially in real estate and construction litigation, and has been recognized as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers multiple times.

Q: Does Patout & Shaw handle cases outside of Houston?
A: Yes, while based in Houston, they represent clients throughout Texas and in other states, including Colorado.

Q: What values define Patout & Shaw’s legal practice?
A: The firm is committed to integrity, diligence, and client-focused service, aiming to provide effective legal solutions.

Q: How can potential clients engage with Patout & Shaw?
A: Interested parties can contact the firm for a consultation to discuss their legal needs and objectives.