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Houston Construction Defect Claim Lawyers

Construction defects are the most common cause of disputes. Construction disputes are often layered lawsuits that involve more than a single party. It can be difficult to determine fault in these instances but it’s a vital part of developing a proper claim. If you believe you have a valid construction defect claim, please don’t hesitate to contact the seasoned construction lawyers here at Patout & Shaw for guidance.

Construction Defect Claim Lawyers | Protecting Your Rights & Interests

You should understand that anyone involved in the design or construction process can bring or defend against a claim. These entities include:

  • Architects, engineers, and designers
  • General contractors
  • Subcontractors, including electrical and plumbing contractors
  • Property owners

That said, Patout & Shaw has successfully helped prosecute and defend against construction defect claims, representing everyone from property owners to design professionals.

Our extensive experience working with Houston construction professionals, developers, and property owners puts us in the position to provide efficient, effective representation–and litigation–for construction defect claims. Contact our Harris County construction lawyers today to schedule a consultation.

Common Construction Defect Claims

Most construction defect claims arise out of the following:

  • Design Defects: Architects, engineers, and design professionals are responsible for ensuring that the plans for the project are accurate. The final product should adhere be a solid structure that adheres to local and state building codes.
  • Material Defects: Good construction contracts often specify the quality of materials contractors should use, which makes material defects a very clear case. Contractors or manufacturers may bear the responsibility for faulty products used for construction.
  • Workmanship Defects: Poor workmanship can compromise a building’s safety and ability to meet local and state coding standards. An experienced attorney can help you determine whether or not professional standards of care have been violated during construction.
  • Subsurface Defects: A defective foundation resulting from subsurface shifting, erosion, and flooding may potentially lead to a construction defect claim. Professional foundation companies and engineers bear the responsibility of analyzing and building a long-lasting foundation.
  • Code Violations: General, subcontractors, architects, or engineers may be responsible for a building that fails to meet code standards. This is an expensive defect, sometimes requiring demolition and new construction to remedy.

Our experienced construction defect claim lawyers have represented hundreds of contractors, developers, and property owners during construction defect disputes. Contact our offices today to schedule your initial consultation.

Commercial Construction Defects

Commercial construction projects are often large, involving dozens of contractors, stakeholders, and property owners. The number of individuals involved makes commercial construction defect cases complicated.

Whether you’re making a claim or preparing a defense against one, you’ll need an experienced construction law firm to help guide you toward the best outcome. The legal team at Patout & Shaw has decades of experience with construction defect claims.

We’ve represented property owners, design professionals, prime contractors, subcontractors, and other stakeholders in the process. We leverage that experience in arbitration or, if necessary, litigation to ensure a better outcome for our client.

Residential Construction Defects

While defect claims in residential construction cases are often simpler, they can often be just as difficult. Developers and homeowners often don’t have the detailed contracts that commercial developers do. This can make it difficult to determine fault.

The construction law attorneys at Patout & Shaw have extensive experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in residential construction defect claims. Whether your claim goes to mediation or litigation, our team is prepared to see that your interests are represented.

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The legal team at Patout & Shaw has decades of experience with construction law. Our team has represented design professionals, developers, prime and subcontractors, and property owners. If you’re considering a construction defect claim, we can help. Contact our construction defect claim lawyers to schedule a case evaluation today.