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Houston Construction Litigation Lawyers

Construction sites are complex, with numerous stakeholders, contractors, subcontractors, property owners, and more. It’s an industry where disputes will arise. There’s no avoiding it. How you handle those disputes can make the difference between profit and loss. A team of experienced construction litigation lawyers can help you understand and identify means to make it through a construction dispute with minimal impact on your business or property. Contact Patout & Shaw for guidance today.

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The team here at Patout & Shaw has extensive experience in dispute mediation and litigation. No matter what side of the dispute you’re on, we’re here to help you find the best possible outcome. Contact our seasoned Harris County construction lawyers today to schedule a consultation. Let us help you find the resolution you need.

Common Types Of Construction Disputes

Here at Patout & Shaw, our construction litigation lawyers represent clients facing a wide range of disputes, including the following:

  • Conflict Over Quality: Quality is the cornerstone of a good construction project. When a final product isn’t what was promised or doesn’t function as it should, a dispute is inevitable. Whether you’re a contractor or a property owner, a dispute about a project’s quality is subjective and hard to prove without experienced construction law professionals.
  • Conflict Over Materials: A good construction contract will have provisions about materials. If a contractor fails to abide by that contract, or the contract doesn’t provide for the type of materials, you should find a good construction lawyer who can help you mediate or litigate a construction dispute.
  • Conflict Of Timelines: Construction projects can frequently be delayed. Severe delays can have a major impact on the final product, causing financial distress and other problems for the property owner or other contractors. If you have a timeline dispute, Patout & Shaw can help you find the resolution you’re looking for.
  • Project Abandonment: Contractors and subcontractors abandon projects more than we’d like to admit. This can leave the project up in the air, affecting completion dates as well as the stakeholders and other contractors involved. Patout & Shaw can help you negotiate or litigate an abandonment dispute.
  • Nonpayment: Nonpayment is one of the most common disputes in the entire construction industry. Patout & Shaw can provide the support and litigation you need to get paid. From mechanics liens to lawsuits, our team can help.

Assistance With Construction Disputes

Frequently, we see various issues arise over the course of the construction of a new building or development, including:

  • Contract Errors & Omissions: It can’t be understated how important contracts are to good business in the construction industry. Should your contract fail, however, you’ll likely have a contentious dispute on your hands. Patout & Shaw can help you negotiate or litigate through a contract dispute to get a better resolution.
  • Differing Site Conditions: Construction bids operate under an assumption of the site’s condition, which should be reflected early on in the bidding process. Occasionally, subsurface conditions will present themselves and complicate the construction or completion of a project. Our team is here to help ensure that you’re protected.
  • Contractual Noncompliance: Sometimes, even a well-written contract isn’t enough to prevent contractual disputes or non-compliance. If a contractor, subcontractor, or employer fails to uphold their end of the contract, a dispute will naturally arise. We’re here to help you get a better resolution. We can also help ensure you have better contracts.
  • Contract Administration Failure: Failing to administer a contract correctly is another common dispute that a good contract can prevent. Sometimes, though, circumstances make adhering to a contract exactly impossible. If an administration dispute does arise, you need a team that can help you find a resolution and can protect you in the future.
  • Claims Errors: Sometimes a poorly drafted claim can lead to a dispute between parties. While a well-drafted contract can avoid these conflicts, sometimes they’re inevitable. If you’re in a claim dispute, Patout & Shaw can help you resolve it through mediation or litigation, if necessary.

If you’re in a dispute about contracts, deadlines, or anything else, a good legal team can help you protect yourself, your business, and your property. Contact Patout & Shaw to schedule a consultation.

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The team at Patout & Shaw is experienced in construction mediation and litigation. Disputes happen, but how you are able to resolve them is what matters most. Contact our construction litigation lawyers today to speak with an associate and schedule a consultation with our law firm.