Crafting construction contracts on your own is certainly possible, but you might regret handling this yourself if a problem arises later on. Our Houston construction contract lawyers can make it easier to draft enforceable contracts that better protect your interests. Whether you’re taking on a massive commercial project or a small residential one, there’s value in having an experienced attorney on your side.

What Should Always Be In My Construction Contracts?

If you want to protect yourself and your project, there are a few things that should always be a part of any construction contracts you sign. We recommend making sure that all of the following matters are accounted for in an agreement:

Consequences for delays: Time is money in this industry, meaning that any delays can end up getting quite costly. A proper contract can help protect you from additional losses and put in place remedies that can help all involved parties protect their bottom lines.

A limit on damages: A contract that does not place a limit on the kinds of damages that could be awarded if contract requirements are not met could end up being a danger to you and your business.

Plans for the unpredictable: Sometimes a project is held up for a reason that none of the parties can control or predict. Think of freak storms or other events that might be considered “acts of God.” Contracts need to have a plan for unplanned or unpredictable events.

Provisions for handling disputes: How any disagreements will be handled should be addressed before work begins. This can make it easier to tackle problems and solve them as they come up.

What Kinds of Services Can Construction Contracts Attorneys Offer?

When you work with our attorneys, we do our best to make sure that any construction contracts that you enter into are not going to cause you legal or financial problems later. Our lawyers can help you with:

Contract drafting: Having the right contract in place is the best way to protect yourself and avoid conflicts later on. Our lawyers can help you draft and negotiate construction contracts that are clear and enforceable. If something goes wrong at some point in the project, they are ready to help you address any issues.

Contract litigation: Disputes can occur even when the best possible contracts are in place. Our lawyers can help you if you end up in court and need someone who can represent your interests.

Contract mediation: Not every dispute requires litigation. Our lawyers can also help you find alternative dispute resolution methods, like mediation. Our lawyers can act as neutral third-party mediators while you and another party discuss and handle your dispute.

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