You cannot take on a construction job and ignore the local zoning laws and ordinances. Such rules can vary based on where you are building in Houston, but violating these regulations on a whim is never going to be an option. If you are doing your best to keep up with local regulations but you need some assistance, our Harris County construction lawyers may be able to help you out.

How Are Houston Zoning Laws Different From Other Cities?

Houston does not have traditional zoning laws like many other large cities. That doesn’t meant that construction companies can just do what they want though. There are a lot of building codes and other regulations that can be enforced. If you do not properly plan out your project, you could end up running into legal trouble.

There are three main aspects of land use that any Houston contractor needs to be aware of. You have to think about:

Special districts: Some districts have specific rules for development and land use. Certain historical districts are good examples of this.

Deed restrictions: These can govern the type of building that can be built on a piece of land or even how big a parking lot can be.

Development codes: Certain development codes set the city’s rules about lot sizes, building standards, and even whether on-site parking is needed.

How Can I Comply With Zoning Laws?

Doing your research is always going to be important. Being aware of the three key items outlined above can make it easier to figure out if your proposed project has a potential path forward. If you cannot comply with those requirements, your project is not going anywhere.

You also need to stay aware of any changes to these rules. Regulators are always tweaking rules, and missing a major update to land use or construction regulations can result in a major headache.

Finally, remember to engage with the local community. Some organizations may have power over development in the neighborhood. Meeting with these groups can help you learn more about local rules and avoid unnecessary conflicts. You may even be able to negotiate with some groups about rules that could affect your project.

What Could Influence Future Zoning Rules and Regulations?

Rules about building in Houston are likely to keep changing. Some drivers of future changes include:

  • Growing demand for walkable neighborhoods
  • The necessity of preparing for environmental risks and hazards
  • New advances in building and construction tech

Keeping up with any updates to zoning laws and rules is going to be a necessity for any construction firm in the area.

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