Nothing is better than a major project that goes off without a hitch. That’s why it’s always worth the extra time taken to avoid some of the issues commonly made in the construction industry and some of the legal pitfalls that come along with them. If you want to cover yourself and protect your company when you enter into contracts and start new projects, our Houston construction contract lawyers are ready to help.

What Kinds of Legal Pitfalls Can Affect Construction Projects?

There are plenty of state and local laws that could affect your project. From environmental regulations to zoning rules, you need to know the scope of your project and what a construction site will allow from the beginning.

Jumping into a project without knowing all of the details can result in punishments and fines. Even if a contract says you can do something, you need to be sure that you are not violating any existing laws.

How Can I Avoid Legal Issues With Workers?

Texas requires construction companies to adhere to local employment laws. This means that you need to make sure that each employee has completed all of the forms necessary to check their background and verify their identity. You can avoid legal pitfalls by keeping track of everyone’s paperwork and making sure that you do not hire anyone who is not eligible to work in the United States.

How Can I Avoid Legal Pitfalls When Working With Subcontractors?

If you use subcontractors on a project, you need to make sure that all contracts are clear about what is expected. The scope of the work, their exact responsibilities, and overall expectations need to be talked about from the jump. If you do not communicate well and draft a clear agreement, you can run into problems when there is any confusion later on.

What Can Lawyers Do To Help Me?

Having a seasoned construction lawyer on your side can make it easier to avoid legal problems. An attorney from our firm can do a lot of things to help you on each project. They can:

  • Help you draft contracts
  • Review the contracts you are asked to sign
  • Handle any disputes that come up
  • Help you with mediation or litigation if agreements cannot be reached

Our attorneys have worked with all kinds of construction clients and have written many different types of contracts. Whether you are tackling a giant commercial project or a smaller residential build, we can assist you.

Talk to Our Texas Construction Contracts Lawyers

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