Conflicts can arise suddenly in the construction industry. If you want to keep a project on track, it’s best to figure out a way to quickly solve the problem and get back to work. Litigation can take a long time though, and it gets quite expensive. Solving your issues through mediation might be the smarter route. Our Houston mediation & arbitration lawyers can tell you more.

How Does Mediation Work?

In mediation, you sit down with the other party and a neutral third party, the mediator. Both parties can discuss the situation, their issues, and what they want to do in order to fix any problems. The mediator does not insert themselves into the conversation. They let both parties speak and then they work together with them to try and come to some kind of agreement.

It’s not always easy, but it is possible to come to an agreement that is mutually acceptable through this process. It is completely dependent on whether or not the parties will talk to each other and treat one another with respect though. If someone is hostile to the process, it is unlikely to be effective.

What Are Some Key Advantages of Mediation in the Construction Industry?

Mediation offers a few benefits that companies and contractors working in the construction industry can appreciate. Choosing this process can:

Save you money: Mediation is almost always going to be significantly less expensive than litigation.

Save you time: Part of the reason why this is less expensive than litigation is that it takes far less time. Mediation can sometimes be wrapped up in just a day or two.

Preserve working relationships: Going to court is not just costly. Litigation can also get quite contentious. This can damage your relationship with the other party. If you have worked together and made money in the past, letting this one issue wreck a previously profitable working arrangement can be a mistake. Mediation can make it easier to stay civil.

Keep matters private: When you go through litigation, everything is preserved for the court record. Mediation sessions are private, so you do not need to worry about other people prying into your business later.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

It’s always a good idea to have a lawyer advising you when you are entering into any kind of negotiation process. Even though mediation seems like a less cutthroat process than litigation, it’s wise to protect yourself.

Our lawyers can also act as mediators themselves. We can work with you and help everyone come to mutually beneficial decisions. Contesting these things can take significant amounts of time and money if you go through the courts. If mediation is an option, we do recommend exploring it.

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