Anyone in the construction business needs to be familiar with OSHA regulations. These guidelines are set by the government and they are there to ensure that you are maintaining a safe worksite. If you find yourself on the wrong side of an investigation, you may need some assistance. Our Houston OSHA defense lawyers can help you evaluate your compliance records and fix any weak points.

What Are Some Common OSHA Regulations?

There are many types of OSHA regulations that you have to follow on the typical worksite. There are rules about:

Protective gear and equipment: Construction can be a dangerous job, so you must equip your workers with the proper equipment. Without the right PPE, workers can breathe in harmful fumes or dust that can make them sick. Equipment like hard hats and eye protection are required for most workers as well.

Fall protection: Falls are one of the leading causes of fatalities at a construction site. You must follow the rules and make efforts to install guardrails, safety nets, and other equipment that can save lives.

Equipment and machinery: There are OSHA regulations about the equipment used in your project, like cranes and derricks. These could be dangerous if used improperly, so following the rules is a necessity.

Fire protection: Some of the materials and equipment used on a construction site can be hazardous. OSHA regulations require you to have equipment like fire extinguishers on hand. You also must establish fire safety plans and properly train employees in fire prevention and response.

How Can I Be Punished For OSHA Violations?

If you get inspected or a complaint leads to an investigation, any violations of OSHA standards are going to be a problem for you. Getting cited by this government agency often results in:

  • Fines
  • Project delays
  • Work disruption
  • Damage to your reputation

It can seem difficult to meet all safety standards, but it is worth the effort. Repeated OSHA violations can ruin your finances and make people less likely to want to work with you. If you value your business, you’ll meet these requirements.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Having a lawyer on your side is a good idea. Our OSHA defense lawyers can help you evaluate your standards and make sure that you are compliant. If there are any issues with your practices, we can spot them and help you fix them. We can also represent you against OSHA and negotiate for reduced penalties when possible.

Our law firm can also help you take a proactive approach to safety standards. We offer guidance and education for your workforce that can help you reduce the chances of getting cited in the future. Whether you are facing multiple citations or you just want to revisit your own compliance standards, an experienced construction lawyer can be quite helpful.

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