At Patout & Shaw, our goal is always to solve our clients’ problems in the most effective and most efficient way possible. In many cases, that is not taking the case to court and litigating. There are other ways to tackle disputes, like arbitration. Our Houston construction arbitration lawyers are ready to work with you and get your issues resolved.

What Is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a bit like a civil trial, but everything is expedited. Instead of a judge, this process uses an arbitrator. This is a neutral party that both sides have chosen, and they have the right to make a decision on the matter at hand.

There are opening and closing statements like there would be at a trial, but everything is less formal and moves a bit faster. As an example, you may not have to follow the court’s stricter rules about evidence. At the end of the process, the arbitrator makes a decision based on the cases presented by both sides.

Why Should I Use Arbitration?

Arbitration can be a better way to solve certain problems and conflicts between two parties who worked on a project together. This process can take far less time than litigation, meaning that you’ll save money on legal expenses. You can also get a better idea of where both sides stand. Sometimes arbitration can make it easier to see where someone is coming from, and that makes it easier to address a conflict away from a high-stakes environment like a courtroom.

What Problems Can Arbitration Solve?

We have seen arbitration solve all types of disputes, including conflicts related to:

  • Delays
  • Project defects
  • Cost overruns
  • Change orders
  • Payment
  • Insurance
  • Liability
  • Negligence
  • Contract termination

We are confident that we can help you with your problem.

Is Arbitration Binding?

It can be. At the beginning of the process, both parties can decide whether or not they want the arbitrator’s decision to be a binding one. They can also decide to just use the decision as guidance. If both parties accept the decision, then they can abide by it.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Arbitration functions similarly to a trial, so having a lawyer with you is wise. We can represent people in disputes with contractors, suppliers, engineers, and anyone else involved in the construction industry. We can also act as arbitrators if that is what you require. We have the experience and knowledge needed to handle conflicts concerning the Houston construction industry.

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