Many types of conflicts can pop up during a Houston construction project, but one of the most common is probably construction defect claims. These can be tough to address on your own, especially if you are working on a larger project and multiple people are named in a lawsuit. Fortunately, the Houston construction defect claim lawyers at our firm have the knowledge and experience necessary to deal with these matters, from either the plaintiff’s side or the side of the defense.

What Are the Types of Construction Defect Claims?

Construction defect claims can usually be broken down into a few broad categories. Many complaints are made over:

Material defects: The materials used were subpar and somebody knew it. This can make a building far more dangerous.

Workmanship defects: The way the building was constructed is the issue. Corners were cut or something else caused workmanship quality to deteriorate. As a result, a building could struggle to meet local and state codes.

Design defect: Something in the original design was a problem. The best materials and workmanship in the world would not address the issues here.

Subsurface defect: Something is wrong with how the foundation was made. Any kind of shift in the subsurface could cause safety issues and damage.

Code violations: These can be particularly devastating construction defect claims because they are often difficult to fix. Demolition and some brand new construction could be required.

Who Can Be Involved in Construction Defect Cases?

Many of the parties involved in the construction of the project could end up as plaintiffs or defendants in a defect case. We have experience assisting:

  • Architects
  • Designers
  • General contractors
  • Engineers
  • Subcontractors
  • Property owners

Obviously, who can have what types of construction defect claims made against them and who can make different types of claims can vary based on the situation. For example, a design defect claim could obviously be made against an architect or designer, but you probably wouldn’t make such a claim against a subcontractor. At the same time, a contractor would probably be held accountable for material or workmanship defects, but the architect would not.

Does Your Law Firm Handle Residential and Commercial Claims?

Our lawyers can help with construction defect claims in the residential and commercial sectors. Lawsuits in both industries can get quite complex, which is why we recommend hiring an experienced attorney. A lawyer can help you figure out who should be held liable for a construction defect. If you’re on the other side of the table, a lawyer can help you fend off accusations and protect your reputation.

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