Texas construction projects can be massive, with plenty of people, multiple companies, and a variety of other parties involved in the mix. It’s no surprise that lawsuits and conflicts are common. If one of your projects runs into an issue, you know that time is money. You need knowledgeable Houston construction litigation lawyers who can help you solve any problems. That’s where our law firm comes in.

What Are Some Common Types of Disputes in Construction Litigation?

We have experience dealing with many types of conflicts in the construction industry, including some of these common disputes:

Quality issues: If a project has been completed and it’s not up to the quality standards of the parties who wanted it constructed, they could sue.

Delays and timelines: Any delay to a construction project can cause financial issues for property owners and contractors involved in a project. If there is any kind of argument over construction timelines, a lawyer can help.

Issues with materials: A contract should cover what kinds of materials are used during the project. If there is a breach of contract and lesser-quality materials are used, this could result in litigation.

Construction liens and nonpayment: All types of liens can be put on a construction project if someone claims that they were not paid for their work.

How employees are classified: Sometimes there are problems with workers and their classifications. Workers being incorrectly identified as independent contractors is a big one. This can lead to issues regarding wages and benefits.

Project abandonment: If contractors or subcontractors abandon a project, litigation is sometimes needed to bring all involved parties back to the project.

Contract errors or omissions: Sometimes a crucial item is left out of contracts or an error causes confusion. A lawyer can help you clear these matters up.

A change in site conditions: Sometimes the conditions at a construction site change, complicating a project. An attorney can help you protect your interests as this impediment gets dealt with.

How Can a Lawyer Help With Construction Litigation?

A lawyer from our firm can help you with construction litigation in a few ways. A seasoned attorney can:

  • Make sure that any claims or contracts are drafted correctly, heading off any future problems and disputes
  • Handle matters related to construction liens
  • Help you protect your interests if something unexpected happens
  • Handle communications with other parties on your behalf
  • Find alternative methods for coming to agreements, like mediation and arbitration

Taking on big construction projects without a safety net can result in headaches and legal troubles. Having an experienced Texas construction lawyer on your side can be invaluable.

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