Engineers, many types of contractors, and others who work in the construction industry often need a professional license. Those who do secure these important credentials are held to a high standard. You could even find yourself in a situation where someone wants your license revoked or suspended. You must take challenges to your license seriously. Our Houston professional licensure defense lawyers are ready to help you fight back against frivolous lawsuits and investigations.

What Can Affect My Professional License?

There are a few ways that your professional license can be put on the line. You may have to defend your license due to:

  • Lawsuits for negligence or misconduct
  • Disputes over contracts
  • Investigations by regulatory agencies and boards

You may also need to defend your license if you are charged with or convicted of a crime. Even though it can seem like a criminal charge has nothing to do with your professional life, licensing boards can get access to this kind of information and decide that you are not meeting the high standards they expect from someone with your qualifications.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Defend My License?

Your professional license is important. It’s a crucial building block in the career you have been developing for years or even decades. Having it suspended or revoked for any reason can be a hard thing to come back from.

This is why we recommend hiring a professional licensure defense lawyer. There is no good reason to try and defend yourself on your own. You are going to want as many resources at your disposal as possible and you can benefit from having an experienced professional who is ready to advocate for you at every part of the legal process.

How Can an Attorney Help Me Defend My Professional License?

An experienced professional license defense attorney can help you out in a few ways. They can:

  • Investigate any charges against you
  • Solve issues through negotiation
  • Prepare you for testimony, if necessary
  • Get frivolous cases thrown out
  • Find character witnesses from your industry who will testify on your behalf

How Can I Prevent Future Challenges That Can Harm My Career?

It can be nearly impossible to prevent all challenges to your professional license, but you can take some steps to protect yourself and make it easier for an attorney to defend you from flagrant accusations. We recommend that our clients stay up to date on the latest industry practices so that they are prepared for anything. Maintaining complete records concerning all of your projects is also a good plan.

Talk to an Attorney Today

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